We elected CODAGE Paris as one of our partner brands because we share the same philosophy and approach.

In the vanguard of the pharmaceutical investigation applied to cosmetics, the products of Maison Codage Paris are designed for the individual beauty needs. Codage celebrates singularity and adapts to the specific needs of every skin. With accuracy, Codage has the knowledge of the properties and correct dosages of the active ingredients they exemplary blend in order to provide an effective and personalized treatment experience.

After a complete diagnosis, we set the combination that corresponds to the unique needs of the skin. For Codage, each beauty is unique and deserves its own formula.

The products are certified, respecting our skin and our environment.

Elemental Herbology

Aware of the restorative energy of Nature and its elements, another brand we chose to work with is Elemental Herbology. The natural ingredients used and the holistic approach it integrates bring harmony and serenity to our space, while providing a sensorial journey that restores balance.

Elemental Herbology is based on the Theory of the Five Elements of the Chinese Traditional Medicine, according to which everything in life is influenced by five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements influence who we are and what we feel, and may be affected by external factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress level, different routines, and by the seasons of the year.

Each Elemental Herbology product relates to each of the five elements and is accompanied by a personalized card that identifies it. Through adequate diagnosis, we’re able to understand the element that is better aligned with your needs of the moment and use it in the suggested treatments.

The essential oils ensure excellent therapeutic and physical results. The exceptional fragrances, the luxurious textures of the serums, and the aromatherapy treatments awake the dormant senses and ensure a deep feeling of tranquility and wellbeing.

Elemental Herbology is an ethically responsible company that respects the environment.