Commented Wine Tastings and Cocktail Experience: shall we make a toast?

We live ever more in a world that we want made of experiences.


At Vila Foz Hotel & Spa, we follow this trend and always try to anticipate what our guests value so that we can offer them unique and exclusive experiences that add value and satisfaction to their stay with us. Innovating, surprising and providing something truly differentiated and authentic - these are the criteria that govern this choice.

We therefore added another set of experiences to our already extended and diversified menu. We always feel that those visiting us are very curious about Portuguese wines and want to learn more about them. Portugal is a country that produces excellent quality wines that are becoming increasingly known and appreciated internationally. With a winemaking tradition passed down from generation to generation, wines are produced across all the country. Each region has unique and specific characteristics that result in completely different wines that reflect their terroirs. With the support of our sommelier, we propose a set of Commented Wine Tastings, which cover the various national regions and which include Table Wines, Port Wines and even the establishment of bridges between International Wines and Portuguese Wines.

All tastings are paired with traditional Portuguese cheeses, charcuteries or sweets proposed by our Chef. We invite those who visit us to take this fascinating journey with us into the extraordinary world of flavors, colors, aromas and complexity of Portuguese wines – a learning experience that, like every trip, will remain rooted in the memories of the places, with the advantage that it can be revisited in every sip of a recognized glass of wine.

And for those who love to share original and tasty moments with family and friends, we have the right proposal: a Cocktail Experience, in which the Chef teaches how to prepare two classic cocktails and each participant creates its own cocktail! Guaranteed fun and the promise of future lively evenings at home! With the invaluable support of our experienced and creative Chef, there is an alchemy in the art of mixing drinks and creating cocktails – now fully at your reach.