A Route of 7 Kms from Matosinhos to Foz do Porto 2


From Matosinhos to Foz do Porto (River Mouth), a route with tradition, history and sea air. In this publication we cover part of a 7 km route that brings together a set of authentic experiences.

Resuming the walk, leaving Castelo do Queijo, we head towards Praia do Molhe. We stopped at the Hotel Vila Foz for a short break on the walk, for a refreshing drink on the terrace of the Bar, or for a tasty and refreshing meal in one of the Hotel's restaurants.

Leaving Vila Foz Hotel & SPA, we head to Molhe beach, with its extensive sand and a permanent aroma of the sea…

We continue the tour, to the south, passing the famous Pérgola da Foz, built in the 30s of the last century, it is a hallmark of tours around Foz do Porto and the ideal place to take the photo that records this walk by the sea.

With the photographs taken, the journey continues to the Lighthouses of Barra do Douro, near the Forte de São João Baptista, which the locals call Castelo da Foz. These lighthouses mark the meeting point between the Atlantic and the Douro River. Here the views are sublime and the sunset sublime.

Stop, listen and look... Wait for the sunset while you rest from this walk and remember the moments well spent on such a peculiar route...

See you soon, we hope to see you again soon.